The Mother.

The mother, not many have encountered this being due to the fact that she had bin' banished from Elysium.

The mother was an average "hero" of Elysium, befriended by many. She even befriended some of the Gods of Elysium.

She was known to be one of the first heroes to enter Elysium and had the power to create creatures, using her wits to create a decent backstory for them and her creative knowledge to create their physical form. The creatures were, sadly, known to be copied by other heroes of Elysium.

Of course, The mother, would not tolerate this and had prayed to the God of Elysium and wished for them to stop this from happening. However, the Gods of Elysium laid waste to the mother and did not take their time to resolve the problem.

This would sadden mother, for' she had contributed to the god many times, and had treated other heroes nicely.

During her life, the mother had encountered many beings, from tyrant vampires, to beasts similar to her creations. Alas' she was later banished from Elysium, not leaving a trace. The reason for this, unknown. No one, except for the Gods and older heroes of Elysium know of her.