The Blain Bloodline Edit

The Blain family is one of the original Vampiric Bloodlines and one of the most powerful families of dark creatures currently in Elysium . They originated during the Fourth Age and the original members of this family were turned by Telo Darkmoon himself . The family has held power for multiple generation and is firmly rooted in the royal bloodlines of various powerful towns and cities , currently they make up the Royal Families of Glaewin and Ivaris

Brief History : Edit

The Original Blains were a pair of twins born in the time of Darkness and the Age of the Vampires , They had lived as minor nobles in a small human settlement which was plagued by a curse of vampires brought by the arrival of Telo Darkmoon in their lands . One day the sisters had allowed a stranger into their homes for safety , confident he was not a vampire . This proved to be a fatal mistake when they discovered it was in fact the original vampire himself . He murdered the entire castle , killing all but the two Sisters .