Sammo346 (also known as Sammo, Samu or Sam) is the sole-owner of the Elysium server and forums. Sam is responsible for the financial upkeep of the server, and is the executive leader of the Elysium Staff Team .

Samu's character skin
Member Information
User Name Sammo346
Also known as Sam, Samu and Sammo
Date Joined At the dawn of time, before life even existed.
Famous for Owner of Elysium, and collector of souls

Role-Play Character
Character Name Desmond
Character Race Human
Town of residence Guild


As the owner of Elysium, Sam's involvement covers a broad spectrum of areas, including but not limited to:

  • Owning and running Elysium
  • Financially maintaining the upkeep of both the server and forums
  • Outlining the server rules , and how they are to be enforced
  • Allocating and training new staff members
  • Fixing and resolving technical issues
  • Implementing new features
  • Resolving complex and/or controversial issues
  • Monitoring and administration of the Elysium Forums

Contact DetailsEdit

Sam can be contacted on the forums or directly on Skype: Sammo346


  • Sam enjoys eating chocolate ice cream
  • His favourite colour is rose red