Member Information
User Name Rolster3
Also known as Rob
Date Joined 2014 (During 1.7)
Famous for Moderator

Role-Play Character
Character Name Unknown
Character Race Shinigami
Town of residence Unknown

Rolster3 is a moderator for Elysium.


Rolster3 was first introduced to Elysium by HashBr0wnie during the days of 1.7 and joined the town of The_Shire (now called The_Empire). Rolster built a house and lived there for some time before moving to Rivia where he assisted Fablehero and DarkEcojaj .

Eventually, Rolster3 was offered the position of Moderator for Elysium, in order to further assist the staff with collecting information regarding griefs. Unfortunately, Rolster3 became inactive due to real-life commitments and personal matters.

At some point during 1.8, after the fall of Rivia , Rolster moved back to assisting HashBr0wnie's towns again. He now works as mayor for HashBr0wnie's second town: Westeros (Currently named North_Pole).