Anor Londo

The hub or Anor Londo


The existence of a mere village, overrun by monsters and ravaged by scavengers, had evolved when found by a lone warrior, Artorias (Pe5t_C0ntrol). With advanced skill the village was repaired and reborn. Others were slowly and quietly invited to the small encampment in order to draw little attention. An effort was quickly made by Artorias to organize a new town that went by the name "Firelink Shrine". More people came and the buildings started to pop up and farm animals were collected of all kind. Two long honored helpers, who left after giving their assistance from ore to bringing various vegetation, have still not been forgotten. With a grand push of its progress, the town was immediately successful. Then a full collection of tools crafted with the ores given by one of the honored helpers and Artorias's new companion the Great Grey Wolf Sif, the End was stripped of thousands of endstone pieces to raise a wall around the town and extend the building space upwards. The mighty endstone structure was made with the ability to hold 3 villages rather than just the one at the ground floor. Building began to occur on the new floors and around the endstone structure. The town was proudly renamed Anor Londo.

However, as the town began to reach its highest status, the forest planting was ceased and the great secondary wall halted all construction. Artorias had disappeared from the lands of Elysium for far longer than he had hoped. Later he had returned to a town absent of its previously active population. All that remained was a hollow husk that appeared completely untouched. The Knight Artorias and his wolf companion now avoid the town in order to resist the heart ache and regret it brings. The hope is one day it may prosper again, for the only goal the founder has now is to keep the dream alive. All Artorias can do now is hunt down the monsters of the land to keep Anor Londo from falling into ruin.

Time briefly progressed and light began to shine a glimmer of hope. Though the light was smothered. The crisis of towns and all kingdoms reduced them to fall to mere upkeep. Anor Londo was swept into this. The structures land was restored near to its former state. What has been lost cannot be returned. what once was sacred has been forsaken by fate.